DotMobi to launch mobile search

DotMobi to launch mobile search

DotMobi will launch a search engine for the mobile internet next month. The company says it can provide a better experience for surfing the mobile internet than existing search services, because of the amount of information it has about mobile websites.

In addition to returning relevant search results, DotMobi’s engine will only list web pages that are optimised for the mobile internet. The search engine won’t bring up pages that are difficult to read on a small mobile screen or ones that are made up of a large amount of data.

‘The big desktop search engines [such as Google and Yahoo!] are returning hits from desktop search and squeezing them onto mobile. It often ends up ruining the user’s experience,’ said James Pearce, CTO at DotMobi.

DotMobi sells the .mobi domain name, and has some big name investors including Nokia, Google, T-Mobile, Telefonica and Vodafone.


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