Google launches improved mobile search

Google launches improved mobile search

Google has launched a new search service for mobile phones, which it says will make ‘Googling’ on a phone faster and more intuitive than ever before.

The internet giant says the service will give mobile consumers results that better fit what they're looking for because they won’t have to sift through both mobile and regular web results or specify their search type, as they were obliged to before.

Instead the service searches the regular web, mobile web, news articles, local business listings and image index to get the information needed.

The search also improves the local search options. For example, once a user has entered a location and searches for weather or restaurant information, the service provides information tailored specifically to that user's location and will remember it in future.

Steve Cheng, Google Mobile Search Product Manager, said: ‘We're excited to introduce Google's new mobile search service, which will make it easier and faster for people to find what they're looking for anytime, anywhere.

‘With millions of mobile phones in use worldwide, our goal is to make the Google search experience even more useful and relevant for users on the go.’

The service can be found at


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