Blyk users switch off their MMS to avoid ads

Blyk users switch off their MMS to avoid ads

Ad-funded virtual network Blyk has denied having problems with subscribers switching off their MMS settings to stop receiving compulsory daily adverts.

The company said it constantly follows what goes on in the network and can spot any failed messages.

Timo Ahopelto, head of strategy and business development at Blyk, said: ‘There have been a few isolated cases where subscribers have switched off MMS settings, but the problem is so small that Blyk hasn’t needed to take any action.’

Four months since the launch, Ahopelto claimed that the company is on track to achieving its target of 100,000 subscribers within the first 12 months.

So far Blyk has run 500 advertising campaigns, with an average response rate of 29%. The figure is above the average for mobile advertising, which, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, is around 6%.

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