Vodafone challenges reduced porting times

Vodafone challenges reduced porting times

Vodafone last week announced its decision to challenge Ofcom’s plans to reduce the amount of time it takes to port mobile numbers across networks.

In November last year Ofcom set out new rules to make it easier for customers to port their number from five days down to two by 1 April, and to two hours by 1 September 2009.

Vodafone complained to the Competition Appeal Tribunal arguing the new system would be too expensive and could lead to an increase in slamming.

A spokeswoman for Vodafone explained the operator's decision. She said: 'Vodafone believes that Ofcom's decision is insufficiently researched, will prove more costly than it assumes and will not benefit customers'.

Ofcom estimates the process to set up quicker porting will cost £12m.

A spokesman for the regulator said: ‘These rules will make it quicker and easier for consumers to keep their number, thereby strengthening competition and consumer convenience. It will also help protect consumers from the risk of losing calls if their old providers' network fails.

‘In addition, industry will be obliged to ensure that the new porting process includes the necessary levels of protection for consumers,’ he added.

A spokesman for 3, the network leading the call to reduce porting time, said: ‘Making it easier and quicker for consumers to transfer their number has been continually obstructed by the incumbent operators at the expense of the British consumer. We owe it to them to move on this now.’

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