Handset makers keen on new distie model

Handset makers keen on new distie model

Manufacturers are looking to introduce a new commercial model with supermarkets, where they work directly with each other to negotiate a deal.

The distributor would simply deliver the deal at a price, instead of buying directly from the manufacturer and selling it on to the retailer, profiting from a margin.

The idea is to cut out the opportunistic current system, where distributors are rewarded based on their buying and selling.

A so-called ‘fulfilment’ model would switch the emphasis to the distributor providing a service, and charging a fee to the retailer for the delivery of the handsets and anything that supports the sales in stores.

One manufacturer MD said: ‘We’re looking at the model – in some ways that’s a better solution for the distributor. As markets mature and become more sophisticated, everyone will have to look at evolving models. This could result in a more collaborative and long-term relationship.’

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