Phone sales pass 1 billion mark for first time

Phone sales pass 1 billion mark for first time

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Mobile phones sales burst past the billion pound mark last year, as the cellular industry continues to boom on a global scale.

The sales figures, to be released at Mobile World Congress by Mobile's data partner GfK International, were exclusively disclosed to Mobile on Friday.

Growth has mainly come from emerging markets, with India now outstripping Africa with over 100 million phones sold in 2007.

In Africa the ownership and sales growth is very regional,  and outside of  South Africa and Northern Africa there is still huge potential.

One fifth of all the phones sold in the world were bought in China – 200 million sales. There is huge potential, as it is still only 40% penetration.

Europe is far from dead either, with western European sales still growing by over 20% last year.

‘What is clear is that 2008 will involve huge amounts of global growth’, the company predicted.

Further highlights include:

  • The top 10 products account for 25% of all phones sold in Europe. Five years ago the top 10 accounted for half of the market
  • The fragmentation is fuelled by the technological development of the phones to cater for individual preferences
  • Across the globe Scandinavia , Far East and UK set the trend for a lot of technology uptake

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Phone sales burst through the billion barrier

Top ten sales

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