MWC: Nokia goes green

MWC: Nokia goes green

In addition to a number of fancy multimedia announcements at Mobile World Congress, Nokia has launched an eco-friendly, lower-end handset, the 3110.

The phone is made of environmentally friendly materials; the casing is not oil based like mobile phones normally are, but is made from a renewable bioplastic instead.

Nokia has made the charger ‘green’ too, it only uses 10% of the energy of an average charger.

The handset maker prides itself as having been ecological for ten years already.

Two years ago, it started making smaller boxes for its phones, which a spokesperson for the company said, has saved £75m in 22 months.

Transporting handsets in smaller boxes has enabled the company to use 5,000 less trucks.

Nokia has also been working on the concept of a 100% recycled phone. 

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