Orange football study points to hi-tech beautiful game

Orange football study points to hi-tech beautiful game

Orange chiefs have commissioned a report looking at the impact technology can have on football.

The Orange Future of Football Report reveals that robotic linesmen, microchip communication and football pitches packed with technology could become a reality much sooner than we think.

The report charts the opinions of experts and maps the games’ evolution to highlight implications not only for the fans, but for the managers and clubs as well.

The report finds that players of the future will have vital information communicated to them by the referee and their own manager via mobile devices located on their bodies.

It says robotic linesmen will be introduced as well as clever pitches packed with sensors to aid refereeing decisions.

There could also be in seat technology offering fans a choice of camera angles to compliment each seat. Fans will also be able to order food, drink and merchandise via their phone to be delivered to their seat.

Graham Fisher, head of research and development at Orange said: ‘Technology in football is now a huge national debate, with the margins between winning and losing so small, the refs’ decision becomes even more important.

‘Technology can only play a positive role in shaping the development of the game, helping to rid it of on field injustices and ensure an accurate experience.’

But an FA spokesman played down the report. He said: ‘With any sort of technology it's important to ensure the integrity of the sport is preserved.

‘At the moment the only technological development that we can see coming into play in the near future involves goalmouth technology. There are currently a couple of pilot schemes being tested in England and elsewhere.’

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