Samsung miCoach and the question I should have asked Mourinho

Samsung miCoach and the question I should have asked Mourinho

By Chris Illman in Valencia

‘If you could choose any Premiership manager as your number two, who would it be?’ was going to be my question to the self-appointed ‘Special One’ - purely in the hope that he’d have a trademark pop at one of his rivals. 

Unfortunately, half the worlds’ sporting press were there, and so I had as much chance of getting hold of the microphone as breaching one of Mourinho’s water-tight defences.  As it turned out, I didn’t need to ask my question to hear him have a dig at one of his adversaries. This time it was his Chelsea predecessor Avram Grant in the firing line - ‘I feel nothing for him,’ he said.  And not content with that, he announced a desire to ‘kill’ Chelsea should he face them in next year’s Champions League with a new club (although in fairness the national papers didn’t mention that he waxed lyrical about his old club for five whole minutes).

It was easy to forget we were there not to see Jose Mourinho, but for Samsung’s latest launch (launch pictures).

There was plenty to see apart from Jose – the fantastic Valencia opera house and, of course, the miCoach phone.

More pictures here.

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