Three Motorola executives leave in one week

Three Motorola executives leave in one week

Motorola’s brain drain continues with Mike Fenger (pictured, left) vice president for EMEA becoming the third senior level executive to leave the company in less than a week.

Mobile understands Fenger has taken a job at Apple Europe.

Last week Motorola’s head of devices, Stu Reed (pictured, right) announced his resignation.

Reed’s payout will total almost US$2 million (£1 million), consisting of US$1.5 million to release the company of all legal claims arising from his departure, as well as his salary for the rest of the year.

His departure didn’t come as a surprise as he had been effectively pushed sideways last month when CEO, Greg Brown announced he was taking control of the struggling mobile division.

Only a day before Reed’s resignation, Motorola’s chief marketing officer, Casey Keller announced he was leaving the company after roughly eighteen months on the job.

Motorola’s market share has been declining for a while already, and although analysts expected disappointing financial results for 2007, the £195 million losses were a worse than predicted.

Motorola has been criticized for relying too heavily on its existing phone models and trying to milk every drop from the success of popular handsets such as the RAZA. The lack of innovation has been on of the major reasons Motorola has fallen badly behind, causing sales to fall by 38% in the last three months of 2007 compared to the same period in 2006.

There have been rumors of a possible sell off of the handset business, increased by Motorola’s announcement it was going to separate its handset business from the rest of its operations. 

The handset maker has been more successful in its home market, in the US. However, its prospects there seem to be getting bleaker, with Sony Ericsson and Nokia intending to make a push for more market share in the US this year.

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