Vodafone cuts – 150 management jobs to be axed

Vodafone cuts – 150 management jobs to be axed

Around 150 head office managers at Vodafone will lose their jobs, clearing out a raft of Newbury-based planners and strategists.

Vodafone boss Nick Read said the cuts were the conclusion of a six-month, department by department review. And while some departments might be cut by 50%, others could remain untouched.

Speaking to Mobile following the announcement this morning of a total of 450 redundancies, Read said a third would be management roles.

‘It depends if the role is clear, in terms of what they are delivering for customers and our roadmap in terms of products and services,’ he said.

‘We had a disproportionate amount of planners, people working on strategies, and people working on programmes and initiatives.

‘We want to be agile and able to quickly move in-line with the market or ahead of the market, and we want it to be easier to do business with a sense of the customer and also partners.

‘I don’t want to run a business by committee,’ Read added.

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