Eazyconnect and Shieldmp3 accused of 'passing off' as O2

Eazyconnect and Shieldmp3 accused of 'passing off' as O2

O2 is taking legal action against two south Wales based companies for falsely representing themselves as O2 in attempts to sell insurance.

Eazyconnect and Shieldmp3 are being pursued by O2 on grounds of ‘passing off’. This comes almost a year after the network prosecuted Landmark and Communications Direct – also from south Wales – for ‘slamming’.

Slamming is where companies claim to be a company and try and sell customers contracts.

The allegations against Eazyconnect and Shieldmp3 apparently surfaced when O2 customers called the operator after repeated calls.

Calls were apparently being made from sales people from numbers linked to Eazyconnect and ‘Coversafe’, a trading name sometimes used by Eazyconnect, or from numbers linked to Shieldmp3.

O2 said it had legal undertakings from Jeff Rees, a former director of Eazyconnect Limited; and Richard Thorpe, a director of Shieldmp3.

The announcement from O2 comes on the same day as Ofcom issued new proposals on mis-selling.

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