Saturday blackout at Vodafone halts sales

Saturday blackout at Vodafone halts sales

Vodafone stores suffered a setback on Saturday, after a failure of its nationwide credit check system halted all sales for several hours.

The problem affected Vodafone’s own stores and prevented staff from earning any commission and eroded store profits.

The issue hit all of Vodafone’s 348 stores and will have cost the company thousands of pounds.

One Vodafone staffer said: ‘It was a bit of a nightmare. We couldn’t do any new connections and we were having to turn customers away.’

Staff at some rival stores said they benefited from the Vodafone computer problems.

One Phones 4u worker said: ‘We actually had quite a few people coming to us after they had visited Vodafone’s store nearby.

‘They said they had been told the entire computer network was down so no credit checks could be carried out and the tills weren’t working.

‘It was good for us. These were customers we wouldn’t normally have had. And it was definitely bad for Vodafone because not all those who came in went with Vodafone in the end.’

Workers at Phones 4u said they were still able to carry out credit checks on Vodafone contracts but said that they were taking considerably longer to go through than usual.

A Vodafone spokeswoman said: ‘There was a nationwide problem with our credit checks but we resolved it as soon as it was identified.’

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