Sky: bring on broadcast TV on mobiles

Sky: bring on broadcast TV on mobiles

Sky TV is calling for digital broadcast TV on mobile phones, which is currently being restricted because of the absence of space on the radio spectrum.

Stephen Nuttall, director of Sky’s commercial group, said: ‘Customers often lament the quality of video over 3G, complaining about issues such as picture quality, as well as the difficulties of getting and keeping a signal With broadcast mobile TV graphics and sporting action will be pin-sharp.’

He also said certain masts are congested at certain times with masts struggling to cope with multiple users all using the same mast to watch video.

Nuttall said he expects mobile TV to take a similar model as traditional TV with advertising subsidising around 10% of the cost, with a more accessible monthly fee to attract more consumers.

Read his full column in this week’s issue or online on Thursday.

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