Phones 4u doubles its store dongle targets

Phones 4u doubles its store dongle targets

Phones 4u doubled its store staff’s mobile broadband dongle targets this week, as sales continue to soar.

In one larger store, dongle targets for March were set at 25 sales per month and have been upped to around 50 in April. Meanwhile, contract sales targets in the same store have been cut by 15%.

The changes reflect the continuing difficulties for independents in the contract handset market, and the welcome relief provided by USB dongles.

Phones 4u’s operations director, Tom Shorten, confirmed that the retailer has made changes to adapt to recent changes in the market.

He said: ‘We are currently the industry-leading provider of broadband, offering the biggest choice of broadband in the UK, and we have seen and continue to see successful sales of our broadband products.

‘As a result, we decided to evaluate our targets to ensure they are in line with demand.’

Phones 4u is also expected to strengthen its partnership with Sky later this week, after trialling selling Sky broadband in six Midlands stores. The retailer has also been selling BT broadband.

The rise in sales expectations of dongles comes as little surprise. Last month, Mobile reported that dongle sales hit 18,000 per week, quadrupling sales within the space of just six months.

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