iPhone boosts data revenues

iPhone boosts data revenues

Monthly bills of iPhone users increased by 24% on average after they started using the Apple device, according to research conducted in the US by consulting company Rubicon.

Falling voice revenues has been a long term worry for operators, but the latest research seems to prove that data services are a realistic option to finding new income streams, as long as the services are appealing and easy to use.

Over half of the iPhone users surveyed said they were satisfied with the music functions on the device as well as the famous touch-screen interface.

Browsing the internet is the most used data service on the phone, with 60% of users saying they connect to Wi-Fi on the phone daily.

Email is the most commonly used function on the device, with over 70% checking their emails on the iPhone every day.

Incredibly, more than half of the respondents said they carry the iPhone with them instead of a notebook, and 77% of respondents said they do more browsing on their iPhone than they did on their previous handset.

The target audience for the iPhone are young, tech savvy and richer than average part of the population, but a quarter of iPhone users had no previous Apple experience.

The much awaited 3G version of the device could further boost data usage.

With iPhone stocks reportedly running low and not being replenished in the US, France and UK, as well as T-Mobile Germany’s decision to reduce the price of the handset from £315 to £78, rumours of the imminent launch of the high speed version are rife.

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