Nokia to bring out its first touchscreen phone

Nokia to bring out its first touchscreen phone

Nokia showed its vision of a rival to the iPhone this week at Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in California. The Finnish handset giant will be launching its first touch screen device in the next two months, a spokesman from Nokia confirmed.

The company insists the phone it showcased was just a demonstration of the Nokia’s vision of a touch screen interface rather than a finished product, but the device was uncannily reminiscent of the Apple device.

The touch screen concept phone first made an appearance last summer at Nokia’s GoPlay event in August 2007.

The device will be named Nokia Tube 5800, according to reports. However, the discussion surrounding the device has dubbed it ‘Nokia’s iPhone killer’.

Nokia refuses to discuss specifics of the phone, but according to reports it will have a 3.2 mega pixel camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, a TV output port, and is appointing 140MB of memory.

Although the Nokia version beats the iPhone in some features, such as the 3G functionality, by the time it comes out there may well be a 3G iPhone in the market.

View a demo of the platform concept at

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