'Orange is attempting too many projects'

'Orange is attempting too many projects'

Orange’s new CEO, Tom Alexander, believes the operator is attempting too many projects at the moment and needs to prioritise.

Speaking in an in-house magazine, Alexander said: ‘We try to achieve too much - we have too many projects in the pipeline, which are frequently delayed. I’ve started to tackle the projects which are true priorities.’

Alexander added that he is setting new goals for the company to improve its overall performance. ‘We need to simplify the way we work. There are far too many processes preventing us serving our customers properly.’

The company is still committed to its internet TV over broadband (IPTV) plans under Alexander, with the focus now on ‘execution rather than meeting a deadline,’ according to a spokesman.

Alexander is also keen to improve morale and revitalise the company’s culture.

Alexander said that communication is central to his strategy in taking the business forward. He said: ‘I’m extremely keen to make sure everyone in the business understands our plans and knows what success looks like. It is important to know how and when we are going to do things.

‘One of the things I’m keen to do is to speak to everyone in the organisation.’

Alexander wants the Orange marketing department to be more integrated. UK brand marketing director Justin Billingsley has been given extra responsibility after joining the network last summer.

A spokesman said: ‘Justin is taking on a more prominent role. He is responsible for making Orange more distinctive in the market.’

Billingsley, who previously worked for Nokia, Coca-Cola and Unilever, said he was planning to overhaul Orange’s marketing strategy to get its ‘voice’ back.

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