Phones 4u nationwide system hit by power cut

Phones 4u nationwide system hit by power cut

Phones 4u was hit by a nationwide system shutdown after a power cut at the retailer’s HQ in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire on Tuesday this week.

The system failure occurred in the early afternoon leaving staff struggling to hit sales targets, and prevented them from processing insurance, prepay, top-up and broadband payments.

Contracts were the only commodity for staff to sell, but they had to be processed manually by calling operators.

Networks became inundated with calls as a result of the problem, which stopped many store staff from processing payments.

One staffer said: ‘We had to do contracts the old-school way but the networks were a nightmare to get through to, especially Vodafone.

‘There is no chance Phones 4u will reduce our targets as a result of this.’

Some Phones 4u stores were approached by box breakers, who saw an opportunity to strike while the systems were down.

One store manager told Mobile: ‘We had a guy come in trying to take advantage of the situation by buying 10 prepay phones; he’d obviously heard about the systems being down.

‘My targets are big enough without these problems. They won’t cut targets though; this is Phones 4u.’

A Phones 4u spokeswoman confirmed the problem but played down the seriousness of it. ‘We have experienced a small number of intermittent power outages, but services have now resumed to normal.’

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