Nokia teams up with Renault on limited-edition car

Nokia teams up with Renault on limited-edition car

Nokia has teamed up with Renault to use its technology in cars.

The car manufacturer is launching 1,000 limited-edition Sandero Nokia cars in Brazil.

Nokia also said it may launch something similar in Europe, and is in discussions with partners.

A spokesman for Nokia told Mobile: ‘Renault was looking to give the car appeal to a tech-savvy audience, and we came up with a Nokia product offer that makes the car appealing to them.’

The car comes with a Nokia N95 handset, and technology in the car makes use of the handset’s features.

The car stereo can play music from the handset, streamed via Bluetooth. It has an integrated microphone that automatically enables drivers to talk handsfree, and it has a GPS device on the windscreen.

The Sandero also comes with Nokia’s CK-20W car kit, which includes a phone holder and a charger.

‘Ten years ago, you would have had separate sat nav, your mobile phone, your camera, and you probably would have stopped at an internet cafŽ to check your email.

‘Now you can download music while you drive. You can also get directions to a hotel and call them at the same time to ask if they have free rooms,’ the spokesman said.

Following Nokia’s £4.55bn purchase of navigation company Navteq last year, the spokesman said the company is looking to integrate navigation into its converged handsets rather than bring out standalone navigation devices.

Nokia seems to have come full circle – the company originally manufactured car components such as rubber tyres.

The Nokia Renault collaboration is not the first time the automotive and mobile phone industries have come together. Audi unveiled a new mobile carphone at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2007, which gives drivers control of their car’s functions without needing to be inside it.

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