Study reveals benefits of more spectrum to mobile broadband

Study reveals benefits of more spectrum to mobile broadband

A study commissioned by Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone found that the European Economy would receive a boost of £75bn over then next 20 years if a quarter of the UHF band was allocated to mobile broadband services.

A large part of the value associated with allocating a part of the UHF band to mobile service is from having wider and lower cost broadband coverage, the ‘Getting the Most Out of the Digital Dividend’, report shows.  Delaying the release of the UHF spectrum would cost the European economy £16bn.

Janice Hughes, chief executive of spectrum at value partners, said: 'This UHF release to mobile will create cheaper broadband services for consumers on the move across Europe and will promote growth in the use of mobile browsing, email and video services. The move will also stimulate jobs and innovation in new companies as entrepreneurs respond to the demand for wireless web 2.0 services.'

Even if some of the spectrum was allocated to mobile service, the TV broadcasting industry would still be in a good position to generate revenue, according to the study. It finds that with the remainder of the band, broadcasters are expected to generate £591bn for the European economy in the same period.

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