Carphone: web is key for moving into laptop sector

Carphone: web is key for moving into laptop sector

Carphone Warehouse’s online operation will form a key part of its strategy to move into the laptop sector, says the retailer’s multi-channel director, Chris Murton.

He told Mobile the company needs to create more cohesion between its web, retail and telesales channels. Murton (pictured) has been at Carphone for more
than 15 years, having worked his way up from the shop floor.

Carphone boss Andrew Harrison has declared that he wants to do the same with laptops that the retailer has done with mobile phones - make them free with contracts.

With Carphone stores set up to sell mobile phones, bosses say getting laptops into high street outlets could rely heavily on effective harmony with the company’s online operation.

Murton said: ‘It is no secret that our strategy is to embrace laptops and look at broadband development.

‘We need to get, our telesales operation and our retail operation working more cohesively. We do not want to be competing across the channels.

‘There needs to be cross-promotion and consistency across the channels. One obvious example could be that someone might go online, reserve an item and then go in store to collect it.

‘Charles Dunstone [Carphone founder] describes online retailing as radically transparent. There is nowhere to hide and what you put up is there for all the world to see.

‘A lot of people think it is just a case of putting something online and then that’s the end.

‘You have to make sure that customers understand what is there. This industry is tremendously complex and our job is to simplify that.

‘If you can sell mobile phones or make a broadband connection online, then you can probably sell anything.

‘We have to face up to the fact that our online competitors are just another click away.’

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