T-Mobile produces mixed Q1 results

T-Mobile produces mixed Q1 results

T-Mobile has produced mixed Q1 results, which recorded an overall increase in contract and prepay usership figures but also showed a slowdown in the rate at which the operator is attracting new customers. 

The network’s total number of customers have risen around 400,000 from 16.7 million in Q1 last to year to 17.1 million in the first three months of this year.

However T-Mobile’s net additions fell by 187,000 over the three months compared to Q4 last year, representing a drop of 9.7%. 

Contract usership figures increased by 100,000 to a total number of 3.1 million, while the number of prepay users rose 2.7% from 12.9 million to 13.3 million.

Jim Hyde, Chief Executive of T- Mobile UK, said: ‘In a market which remains highly competitive, we have not chased growth at any cost but have focused on attracting quality customers and building customer satisfaction through continued innovation and superior value.

’Nevertheless, our customer base has grown by almost 400,000 compared with a year ago and it is very noticeable that growth in mobile broadband usage is accelerating.’

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