Phones 4u aims to remotivate its staff

Phones 4u aims to remotivate its staff

Phones 4u is attempting to remotivate staff who are disillusioned with the company’s commission system by offering a new incentive scheme that rewards month-on-month improvement, Mobile understands.

Staff welcomed the new pay structure, which was introduced at the start of this month, after they found targets were becoming increasingly difficult to reach.
The old system meant staff had to hit 80% of the target to gain the minimum amount of commission, which would increase as they got closer to 100%.

However, now a staff member could hit 50% of the target one month and earn a bonus by achieving 60% the next. The size of the bonus depends on the percentage of the improvement.

One Phones 4u staffer said: ‘Everyone was really demotivated before because the targets were so high and we weren’t getting near them, so this should help get people interested again.’

Another staffer said: ‘Some of the deals we’re doing are exceptional and yet we are still not getting enough people in our stores to hit targets.

‘This is a good step by Phones 4u to stop us from getting annoyed with it all and leaving.’

The new scheme follows changes to the system earlier this year, when Phones 4u introduced a more cut-throat structure that rewarded gross profit rather than volumes of sales.

That alteration meant staff needed to bring in £9,000 profit from sales per month to receive the full amount of commission.

Phones 4u operations director Tom Shorten said: ‘Our customers respect the friendly, honest and expert advice they receive from our sales consultants. It is important our staff remain motivated towards delivering excellent customer service. As a result, we continually evaluate our bonus schemes and implement new staff incentives.’

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