1980s Brat Packer Rob Lowe stars in Orange film ad

1980s Brat Packer Rob Lowe stars in Orange film ad

Orange has unveiled 80’s cult heart-throb Rob Lowe as the latest film star to feature in the Orange Film Funding board series.

Set poolside in Los Angeles the ad features Lowe, a former 80’s ‘Brat Packer’, pitching his idea for a remake of the classic film ‘All the President’s Men’ (based on the Watergate scandal).

True to form, the Film Board interrupts the actor with their own ideas. The Orange Film Board Execs are overwhelmed by Lowes good looks and ignore his suggestions, declare his pitch boring and decide to ‘sex-up’ the film instead.

Moving the theme on from ‘Watergate’ to ‘water-based’, they suggest that Lowe play the part of hunky lifeguard who brings down a corrupt coastguard by using a mobile phone.

Orange executive, Mr Dresden then flicks a skimpy black G-string (featuring an Orange logo) at the frustrated actor.

The ad will run in cinemas across the UK from tomorrow and has been designed to remind people to turn their phones off while in the cinema.

Rachel Macbeth, head of advertising and design at Orange UK said: ‘Watching Rob Lowe arguing with the Orange Film Board set against the Malibu coastline is truly an entertaining sight.’

Lowe joins an elite club of Hollywood stars who have entertained UK cinema audiences in the mobile ads, including Snoop Dogg, Ewan McGregor, Steven Seagal, Darryl Hannah, Carrie Fisher and even Darth Vader.

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