O2 chief: ‘Industry reputation is embarrassing’

O2 chief: ‘Industry reputation is embarrassing’

O2 CEO Ronan Dunne has said he wants to take a lead in cleaning the industry’s tarnished reputation.

Dunne, who replaced Matthew Key as UK CEO in December last year, told Mobile: ‘In my quieter moments, I’m embarrassed about the reputation of our industry. It’s costing all of us.’

A series of cashback collapses where thousands of customers had been left with unpaid cashbacks has marred the last 12 months in the mobile industry.

O2 wasn’t involved in the high-profile dealer collapses over the last 12 months, but Dunne said all operators need to be more accountable. ‘We would have worked closely with those channels, put all those customers on cheaper tariffs and treated them fairly.’

There have also been incidents of slamming, mis-selling in stores and the Dispatches programme on Channel 4, which depicted the industry in a highly unfavourable light. It has also brought Ofcom, Consumer Direct and Trading Standards to work together to tackle problems in the mobile industry.

‘We’ve got to clean up the industry and get the reputation of the whole industry right. It’s really important to me.’

O2 took legal action against two companies which claimed to be O2 while trying to hard sell mobile contracts, known as ‘slamming’.

‘I want to look at who we do business with, and create a ring of trust to ensure there’s a consistent quality and experience for our customers,’ he said.

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