Vodafone waives £4,900 bill for roaming TV viewer

Vodafone waives £4,900 bill for roaming TV viewer

A solicitor who was charged £4,900 by Vodafone for using her dongle to watch The Apprentice and two other BBC shows over the internet on holiday, has had her bill waived.

The 46-year-old solicitor refused to pay after claiming she was never told her £25-monthly USB modem tariff did not apply abroad.

She decided to download The Apprentice using BBC's iPlayer service during a long weekend trip to Villefranche on the French Riviera.

She also decided to watch the politics shows This Week and The Andrew Marr Show on her laptop using her Vodafone dongle.

She wrongly assumed that the tariff included downloading programmes while abroad.

The charges were actually around £4.25 per megabyte, which means a show like The Apprentice costs £2,550.

A spokeswoman for Vodafone said: ‘The customer was on a 24-hour package which was perfect for browsing the web and doing emails while travelling.

‘However it was subject to a capped fair-use policy which meant it was not suitable for streaming TV. But we have waived the bill on this occasion.’

A spokesman for Ofcom, the communications watchdog, said that companies were obliged to ensure customers were aware of the cost of using phones abroad.

He added: 'We think these data roaming rates are too high. We think the industry should reduce its roaming charges and if it doesn't then we will discuss with the EC how to reduce the charges.'

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