Calls for increase in security on mobile devices

Calls for increase in security on mobile devices

A new Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) document outlines recommendations to increase handset security.

The OMTP recommendations are published in the new document ‘Advanced Trusted Environment'.

The document discusses security recommendations enabling a device to provide better protection for new mobile payment solutions and services.

The plans are to ensure that security in mobile phones remains one step ahead of hackers with the likes of pay-per-view mobile TV on the horizon.

OMTP managing director Tim Raby said: ‘The new recommendations form the secure backbone for forthcoming mobile applications, particularly those that focus on handling sensitive data.

‘With m-commerce predicted to explode, operators need to ensure that their subscribers are ‘invisibly’ protected against potential security threats, so that their mobile transactions can be dealt with in confidence.’

National Mobile Phone Crime Unit's (NMPCU) detective superintendent Mick McNally said: 'Technology is increasing at an incredible rate. We need to ensure that the incentives for people to steal mobile phones are taken away.

'This is a continual process and the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit will continue to work closely with the industry on ensuring that future technologies such as m-commerce are secured against future threats.'

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