Samsung unveils F480 Tocco

Samsung unveils F480 Tocco

Samsung has unveiled its new premium touch screen phone, the F480 Tocco.

The 5-megapixel camera device is available from early June and will be pushed with a £3.5 million advertising campaign. All networks and major retailers are likely to range it.

The Tocco will inevitably draw comparisons with the iPhone. The F480 compares favourably on the camera front, has a more slimline frame and will cost less.

Whether it can match the Apple device’s user friendliness remains to be seen.

The Tocco’s marketing push will be based around marketing the device as a ‘piece of art’, with Samsung setting the tone by launching the F480 at the Salvador Dali museum in London.

According to Samsung, one of the device’s key selling points is variety of interface options it gives the customer.

Mark Mitchinson, Samsung UK Vice President, told Mobile: ‘A group of people who all owned the Tocco could be sat around a table with their phones out, and they could all look completely different. We think this device will really shake up the market. It will be priced around the same as the Soul.’


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