Nokia's Aeon mobile phone at the prototype stage

Nokia's Aeon mobile phone at the prototype stage

The new Nokia Aeon concept phone, with a new fuel cell, has now reached the prototype stage. Originally spotted in October of 2006 as a fuel concept phone, the new Nokia phone certainly looks futuristic in design, as well as in its proposed technology.

According to both the Brettstuff website and a Chinese website called NetEase, one of the more intriguing aspects of the new technology is the phone's full surface touchscreen. The phone can split itself into two - hence, all of the electronics are compactly squeezed into two tablet-like, modular pieces. When connected, one tablet acts as a keypad whilst the other acts as the screen. Since the buttons are entirely virtual, Aeon can flip instantly between a numeric pad for dialling, a text-entry pad for messaging or a media-player controller.

The new fuel cell, situated at the back of both screens, runs almost the full length of the read of the handset but with around the third of the width. 

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