Mazuma Mobile launches first TV ad campaign

Mazuma Mobile launches first TV ad campaign, the online ‘mobile phone trade-in’ site will launch its first ever TV advertising campaign next week.

The thirty-second ad, which features Maz the mobile phone character, depicts a typical household which has a disregarded mobile phone left forgotten in a drawer.

The ad promotes turning old mobile phones into cash by visiting, placing an order, posting the phone and receiving up to £100 for it.

The campaign will run nationally across major satellite channels, including Sky Sports and Sky One at peak viewing times until 31 October.

The live with animation thirty second ad can also be viewed on, which currently receives over 6000 unique visitors on a daily basis.

Charlo Carabott, managing director of Mazuma Mobile said: ‘With over 20 million handsets being upgraded in the UK on a yearly basis, our fear is that upgraded handsets are being disregarded and forgotten.

‘We estimate that UK households could currently be housing near 100 million old mobile phones. Left sitting in drawers for too long, these handsets will eventually depreciate and become worthless.

‘At this stage these handsets become a toxic waste problem as people are more likely to throw them away.

‘Our aim is to prevent handsets reaching this stage by educating the general public and making it very rewarding for them to recycle their handset for cash as soon as it is upgraded.’

Written by Mobile Today
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