T-Mobile launches two new Combi tariff price points

T-Mobile launches two new Combi tariff price points

Two new price points have been introduced to T-Mobile’s new Combi tariff, while its Flext tariff has had some extra value injected into it.

The changes to Combi, which were made available in the direct and independent channel from the start of this month, will see two new lower end price points, at £15 and £20.

Combi £15 now comes with 100 minutes and 100 texts, while Combi £20 entitles customers to 200 minutes and 200 texts.

The Combi tariffs, which were introduced in April, have been well received by independent dealers and direct stores alike.

One dealer said that they had helped to rejuvenate otherwise lacklustre contract sales. He said: ‘Combi 30 is flying out the door. It’s helped massively, I’m so glad that they released it to us at the same time it went to the direct stores.’

There has also been an increase in allowances on Flext 18-month deals, with Flext 30 up to £140 (700 minutes), Flext 35 up to £200 (1000 minutes), Flext 40 up to £250 (1250 minutes), Flext 50 up to £350 (1750 minutes) and Flext 75 up to £650 (3250 minutes).

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