T-Mobile to cut data roaming charges by 80%

T-Mobile to cut data roaming charges by 80%

T-Mobile is slashing the cost of roaming rates by up to 80% for internet access and mobile broadband usage across Europe.

The charge for sending a text within Europe will reduce by 38% and T-Mobile is also making voice calls and messaging more affordable by introducing bundles for both PAYG and pay-monthly customers.

From 1 July, T-Mobile will introduce a programme of measures to make international mobile data and email services more affordable.

The first step will be to cut the cost of internet access from a handset and mobile broadband connectivity via a USB dongle or data card from £7.50 per megabyte to £1.50, a reduction of 80%.

From 30 August, the cost of sending a text from EU countries will be cut by 38%, from 40p to 25p.

Customers will continue to receive texts at no charge. For international voice and SMS services, on 1 August, T-Mobile will be introducing bundles comprising minutes and texts and structured to give customers control over the use of their allowances and the costs of roaming.

T-Mobile UK chief executive Jim Hyde said: ‘This substantial cut in European roaming charges signals our commitment to make mobile use overseas much more affordable and flexible.

‘We have seen a growing demand to access the internet and make calls while traveling outside the UK.

‘We are staying true to our reputation for providing exceptional value by introducing transparent and flexible tariffs for roaming that go a long way to leveling the cost of using your mobile at home and abroad.

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