Virgin Mobile: Sim-only deals could save UK £849m

Virgin Mobile: Sim-only deals could save UK £849m

UK consumers could save a total of £849m per year if they switched to Sim-only deals, according to research by Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile MD Graeme Oxby said that the high take-up of Sim-only deals was a sign that people are looking to cut costs where they can.

The figure of £849m was calculated by taking the lowest price difference between a set number of free minutes and texts on a monthly contract, and a similar deal on a Sim-only contract, multiplied by the percentage of people prepared to forego a handset upgrade in return for monthly savings on their bill.

Oxby (pictured) said: ‘When you consider Sim-only can mean an extra £60 to £180 per year for each person that switches, going without the latest mobile for a bit suddenly becomes very attractive and even more
so for households with more than one monthly contract.’

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