Virgin Media loses CD with UK customers' records

Virgin Media loses CD with UK customers' records

Virgin Media has admitted losing a compact disc containing bank details, and names and addresses of 3,000 Carphone Warehouse customers.

The unencrypted disc was found to be missing on 29 May, and Virgin Media has now launched a review of its data-protection policies and practices.

The breach affects Virgin fixed-line broadband customers that signed up to the service in Carphone stores from January this year.

A Virgin Media staffer, who had transferred the information to CD, lost the details when travelling between two Virgin offices.

Virgin Media said that the breach was down to human error, with one of its staff
not following company procedure by burning the information to a CD - a move at odds with the media company’s policy of using secure transfers.

All the customers have been contacted and Virgin Media has put in place credit card-style protection that will guarantee customers’ insurance against any potential loss.

A spokesman for Virgin Media said: ‘This was an isolated incident down to human error.

‘Someone from Virgin didn’t follow normal procedures.

‘There is no evidence to suggest that the information has fallen into the wrong hands.

‘But we have contacted all the customers affected. Customers are therefore protected against any potential loss and are not
at risk.

‘We have taken full responsibility and are very sorry for what has happened.’

Virgin Media said that it was now working with the Information Commissioners’ Office to ensure that all responsibilities are met and customers are supported through the process.

Carphone declined to comment, adding that the matter is being handled by Virgin Media.

A spokeswoman for the Information Commission said: ‘Organisations have a responsibility to keep sensitive customer information in a secure manner. We do everything we can to ensure this is the case.’

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