Nokia prioritises navigation services

Nokia prioritises navigation services

Nokia is launching one of its biggest-ever marketing campaigns centred around its latest handset, the 6220, to promote the manufacturer’s push for navigation-enabled devices.

The multimillion-pound campaign, which will hit TV, radio, and print, aims to establish Nokia’s position as a navigation brand.

Nokia has agreed revenue-share deals with some networks for data usage on the service.

The manufacturer claims to have shipped more than two-million GPS-enabled devices over the last 12 months, more than GPS rivals TomTom.

While some industry critics say that a high percentage of those Nokia devices may not be used for navigation purposes, Nokia claims that over 50% are actively being used for navigation.

Nokia’s 6220 (pictured) is a high-spec, mass-market device loaded with the manufacturer’s latest GPS product, Nokia Maps 2.0.

UK MD Simon Ainslie (pictured) said: ‘When consumers are looking to purchase a mobile device, the key features that they are looking for are a great camera, great music capabilities and now navigation. Navigation is the big thing for us.’

Nokia bought navigation firm Navteq for £4bn in November 2007, and the manufacturer launched Nokia Maps 2.0 last month, an update of the 1.0 product. A 3.0 version, which is significantly advanced again, is already in development.

Ainslie said: ‘Anything that engages a customer with a phone encourages loyalty which helps grow sales.

‘In terms of revenue stream, the operator benefits and we share some revenue from the service. They get extra data opportunities.’

Marketing director Will Harris said: ‘Our latest marketing campaign is going to see an iconic representation of mapping and navigation.

‘If you are creating a new market, you have an undertaking to educate that market.

‘We see navigation as the most-exciting development for mobiles since texting.’

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