20:20 Mobile's phone recycling company goes online

20:20 Mobile's phone recycling company goes online

The Mobile Phone Repair Company, owned by 20:20 Mobile, has launched a major new online recycling scheme.


It is estimated that almost 90 million old mobile phones are lurking in drawers and cupboards across the UK.


Visitors to the new site (www.mprc.co.uk/recycle) fill in a form detailing what handset they have got. They are then sent a Freepost envelope, and once the phone is sent in, they are credited with money.


Mobile Phone Repair Company’s managing director, Martin O’Grady, said: ‘A few other companies operate in this field, but we are offering a simpler way for customers and charities to get paid, and we accept a huge variety of makes and models.


‘There is a hard-headed business case behind this for us. But it also allows people to get something back for their old phones.’


Written by Mobile Today
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