Carphone Warehouse unveils space-saving planner

Carphone Warehouse unveils space-saving planner

Carphone Warehouse has produced a new planner to maximise space and ensure compliance of its product range across all its stores.

The ‘Merchandising Made Easy’ store manager’s planning guide has been sent out to all 807 Carphone stores this week, listing a breakdown of what products they should display.

It is the first time store managers will have had such a detailed planner guide instructing them exactly where, and how much of every product they should have.

The retailer is in the process of transforming its stores to accommodate the company’s wireless vision.

Around 100 stores per week are being fitted to sell laptops and wireless accessories, with the process due to be completed by September.

The arrival of laptops at Carphone means that the retailer’s product range has been increased by around 20%, making space planning even more crucial, and Carphone bosses now look for an average floor space of 100 square metres for new stores.

Business operations director Ashley Cook (pictured) said: ‘We have to maximise every linier metre of space. We have the biggest range of accessories on the high street.

‘We are looking to further grow the accessories business and are looking for stores to improve their sales conversion.

‘My role is new and as the business operations director I am accountable for sales processes, loss prevention, store processes, property, and the retail service team. The aim is to develop and improve our 807 stores to have a foundation of how the stores should look and feel.

‘Customers will notice a difference in terms of fuller shelves, wider ranges on display and clearer directional signing.’

Carphone bosses have bought a space-planning software package from AVT called Retail Focus, which will help them stock stores according to the customer’s needs, as well as driving productivity.

Kevin Godding, head of space and format planning, said: ‘We are providing consistency in terms of the way stores are laid out. We will shortly be installing another module of Retail Focus, which allows each store to view which physical areas of the store are driving their profit, information we believe is essential.’


Stock layout made easier
The new store manager’s planner also includes to-scale planograms for the first time of how every slat wall should look.

This means store managers can match the guide against their wall displays to ensure that the correct products are displayed across the entire Carphone estate.


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