European users ditching landlines for mobile phones

European users ditching landlines for mobile phones

A recent report has declared that a quarter of Europeans have ditched their landline and only use a mobile phone. The European Commission recently completed their survey which covered around 27,000 homes over 27 nations.

The figure was even higher in ex-Communist block areas as their respective governments said that it was cheaper to move direct to mobiles than construct new landlines. Finland, the home of Nokia, declared that 61% of the population only used mobile phones.

According to Reuters, the report also said that around half of Europeans have access to the Internet but only 36% of those users said that they could access a broadband connection.

EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding said to Reuters: ‘Mobile data services are the future and we in Europe were the first to roll them out,’

Reacting to a question regarding the high price of using a mobile whilst travelling abroad, she said: ‘For one last time, I call on mobile operators to react to my request of February to voluntarily but clearly bring down mobile roaming charges for text messages and other data.’

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