T-Mobile after Olive b2b customer base

T-Mobile after Olive b2b customer base

T-Mobile is battling to cling on to 4,000 business customers after terminating its contract with Olive Communications last month.

Olive is trying to churn the T-Mobile base to rival networks while it disputes the validity of T-Mobile’s decision to end their relationship for sub-dealing.

T-Mobile, meanwhile, is reported to be offering high-value retention deals in a bid to cling on to the connections.

Olive, which has been a T-Mobile business partner of the year for the last three years, claims that an agreement existed between itself and the network, and that T-Mobile encouraged potential business partners to connect through Olive, using the dealer as a ‘seeding ground’ for its business partner programme.

Olive director Rob Saffman said that the deal foundered when one dealer connecting through Olive upgraded a large number of connections without the agreement of the account holder.

Saffman said: ‘[T-Mobile] are claiming they never gave express permission for Olive to deal with this specific sub-dealer, but we have evidence that they were aware of the deals. We find it unbelievable that T-Mobile say they knew nothing.’

T-Mobile represents 85% of Olive’s business and the network is now seeking a six-figure sum in clawbacks from Olive. The dealer is disputing this, but Saffman said he was confident about trading through the clawbacks.

Saffman added: ‘We’re actively talking to the T-Mobile base about moving them to other networks and we’re having some success. We’re getting a very positive response, it’s too early to say how many will move but we’re hopeful.’

A T-Mobile spokeswoman said: ‘Since taking the commercial decision to end its trading relationship with Olive Communications last month, T-Mobile has been in contact with its customers to explain that we have ended our relationship with Olive. These are current customers of T-Mobile who are subject to a service agreement with us. We have provided those customers with the opportunity to deal with us directly or alternatively if they wish to manage their account with us through a third party we have supplied them with the details of alternative T-Mobile authorised business partners.’


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