Carphone Warehouse to tackle display phone thieves

Carphone Warehouse to tackle display phone thieves

Carphone Warehouse is upgrading its display security to combat thefts of handsets.

The retailer’s stores have become a target by thieves looking to steal dummy handsets that are put on display for customer demonstrations.

To combat the problem, some store staff had taken to deliberately damaging dummy handsets in order to make them less appealing to thieves. However, bosses were concerned that the damaged handsets were putting shoppers off buying them.

As a result, the retailer is rolling out improved display backing plates from September, with stronger adhesives on which to mount dummy handsets.

Bosses hope that the new backing plates will help deter thieves, as it will be more difficult to steal handsets.

Until the backing plates are installed staff are being warned not to deliberately damage handsets, even if it does appear to prevent thefts.

One city centre store manager told Mobile: ‘We decided to scuff up the dummy handsets to put thieves off.

We decided it is better to have a damaged handset than risk losing it altogether.’

Another store manager said: ‘We have been told that management are bringing in this new system with stronger ways of mounting the phones on the displays. I think it is a good idea because dummy handset thefts can be a very frustrating problem for us.’

A Carphone Warehouse spokesman said: ‘As part of our continual improvement policy we are always looking to update our store fixtures and fittings. These changes are part of the process.’

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