3 has revealed a new dealer drive for business

3 has revealed a new dealer drive for business

3 is increasing business deals in its stores and attempting to bring more b2b dealers on board in an effort to lift itself from the bottom of the b2b pile.

Renato Bottini, 3’s business division manager, said that, along with the in-store re-vamp, the network would also increase its third-party distribution.

The operator is running five conferences for dealers and distributors in the UK in July.

3 has also been in direct contact with 150 dealers in a bid to increase awareness of its deals, with a prize of £10,000 worth of stock for one dealer. Distributors will be invited to 3’s HQ for an introduction to the network’s business plans.

This month, the network also installed business-focused areas in 200 of its stores, with the remaining 80 of its stores to have business areas by 1 August.

However, b2b dealers say that they are reluctant to connect customers to 3 due to what one large b2b dealer described as ‘a problem of perception’.

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