Second system crash hits 3G iPhone

Second system crash hits 3G iPhone

Another wave of complaints has been levelled against the 3G iPhone after customers able to purchase the device were left unable to activate it when they got back home.

While the iconic handset appears to have been a big hit so far in terms of the demand it has generated, that success has been undermined by two large system failures, for which O2 and Apple are accountable respectively.

The latest problem occurred when customers attempted to use Apple’s activation system, which involved registering the phone through their iTunes program. The crash reportedly occurred because the system folded as worldwide users attempted to negotiate the process at the same time.

That hitch followed problems in stores on launch day, when O2’s credit check system collapsed under the weight of demand, leaving staff to have to process orders manually.

Technology chat rooms were filled with complaints about the latest system crash. One poster on said:

‘Was this Apple arrogance or incompetence? Or both? Truly an unacceptable business decision by all Apple execs. If Microsoft and RIM are not our today filming a commercial for their software and phones, respectively, then they are even more incompetent than Apple.’

Apple was unavailable for comment.

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