Openmoko Neo FreeRunner to be distributed in UK

Openmoko Neo FreeRunner to be distributed in UK

Canadian-based outfit, Koolu, has announced that it will be bringing the open source mobile phone, the Neo FreeRunner, into the UK.

Currently priced at an equivalent of £200 (although a final UK price has yet to be announced), the Neo FreeRunner is a Linux-based touch screen smart phone.

As an open source mobile, developers have total freedom to use and design software for the FreeRunner. This means that there are a wide array of software add-ons, tweaks and modificiations that can be made to the mobile.

The phone includes Wifi, GPS and 3D accelerators. According to the Intomobile website and commenting on the announcement, Koolu's president Jim Despathy said: 'Koolu will surround the phone with services and applications to lower the entry point to Internet and telephony access.

'The phone will reach new markets that are presently not being addressed by traditional phones and phone companies but at the same time bring these phone companies clients they previously could not reach.'

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