Celleden’s Bluetooth Anywhere Speakerphone

Celleden’s Bluetooth Anywhere Speakerphone

Celleden has become the latest manufacturer to parade its portable speakerphone system.

The Bluetooth Anywhere Speakerphone sports an aluminium finish along with a digital signal processor that enhances the device’s sound quality. It can be attached to any car sun visor, and a voice-dialling feature allows drivers to make calls without needing to fiddle with the device or their phone.

The built-in dual-microphone technology also means that the speakerphone is ideal for holding business conference calls. Users can place it on a convenient flat surface and the device will be able to pick up and transmit both incoming and outgoing conversations.

The Celleden Bluetooth Anywhere Speakerphone weighs in at 126.5g, while the talktime stands at around 210 minutes. The device can be charged through a main electrical outsource, a car cigarette lighter or via a PC USB port.

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