Metropolitan Police says phone theft is down by a third

Metropolitan Police says phone theft is down by a third

Mobile phone crime in London has dropped by around a third in the past 18 months, the Metropolitan Police told Mobile.

Police statistics revealed around 6,000 crimes occurred in London last month, down from 9,000 in January. The figure has being dropping consistently since the start of the year. Senior officials within the Met said there was a similar rate of decline across the country.

The figures emerged after MICAF (the Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum) released the annual report on its Crime Reduction Charter programme, which reported a ‘month on month reduction’ in the UK over the past two years.

The drop has been attributed by Micaf to more people blocking their phones when they are lost or stolen.

The MICAF report added that almost two million customers have joined Immobilise over the past two years, a website dedicated to blocking and recovering stolen handsets.

The report claimed that the total number of individual mobile phones registered on the site now stands at 19,288,578, which, it claims, equates to around 26.6 % of mobile phones in use in the UK.

The fall in mobile crime was also attributed to several public campaigns, such the Home Office’s ‘R u getting the msg’.

Steve Leonard, detective inspector in charge of pro-active operations, told Mobile: ‘We have been working on this up and down the country, and the public campaigns have definitely helped. There are increasingly valuable and desirable phones to thieves out there, which makes the fall in thefts all the more impressive.’

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