Ikea tells customers to get unlocking their phones

Ikea tells customers to get unlocking their phones

Ikea’s fledgling virtual network business has kick-started its launch by encouraging customers to unlock their existing phones and put Ikea Sims in.

Ikea staff are overcoming the lack of a phone range in their stores by sending customers to nearby unlockers, according to sources.

It is a return to the tactics employed by failed MVNO brand, easyMobile, which campaigned to encourage customers to unlock ’and free’ their handsets.

Teddy Pedersen, MD at Mobile Partners UK Limited, Ikea’s partner on the MVNO, told Mobile: ‘We are encouraging people to unlock their phones. It’s based on the assumption that customers have a phone already, and they can just use our Sim card.’

Ikea launched its virtual network under a wholesale deal with T-Mobile earlier this month, and is charging 9p per call and 6p per text.

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