T-Mobile changes commission structure to pay per unit

T-Mobile changes commission structure to pay per unit

T-Mobile is overhauling its commission structure from 1 October when it will ditch targets and target-based commission, opting instead to pay staff per unit sold.

Mobile understands that staff will be paid £5 for every contract connection and, depending on the value of the deals, staff will be paid £2 or £3 for upgrades and £1 or £2 for prepay sales.

The new system has already been trialled in selected T-Mobile stores, and will be launched in all stores from next month. 

Under the previous system, staff were given points for every sale they made, and targets were set in accordance with those points. The change mirrors the one made recently by 3, which also moved away from targets in favour of paying staff by the unit.

The move has produced a mixed reaction from T-Mobile staff. One staffer said: ‘It’s going to be good for people who like to sell; they will be rewarded. It’s also a much simpler structure compared with the old system.’

However, another staffer said: ‘It will only suit those who work in the big stores and have high footfall. Before, the smaller stores had lower targets that were possible to hit, but under the new system, if few people come into your store there’s not much you can do.’

In 2007, T-Mobile upset its staff by cutting commission on all Flext tariffs; however, this new move appears to have been better received by most.
T-Mobile was unavailable for comment as Mobile went to press.

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