T-Mobile launches service to improve value for customers

T-Mobile launches service to improve value for customers

T-Mobile has announced the launch of Boosters – a new service which the operator claims will enhance new and existing customer’s price plans.

Boosters are available on contract and pay as you and can be activated immediately with no tie in - customers are free to changes Boosters from one month to the next.

There are four categories of Boosters:

Talk & Text: Ideal for those who use their mobile a lot for calling or texting, or if there’s a special occasion where more texts and call time will be needed.

Travel: For customers calling home from Europe. Euro Boosters give customers 50% extra credit for free. For example, a Euro 10 Booster costs £10, and gives £15 credit for any combination of calls or texts.

International calling: For users making calls to overseas destinations.  Ideal for those with friends or family living or holidaying abroad, or those buying property in overseas locations.

Internet: Gives contract customers better rates for connecting to the internet while on the go.  Ideal for situations where you can’t use your main broadband connection.

Boosters are available in four price denominations: £2.50, £5, £7.50 and £10 and can be used on their own, as a one-off or in conjunction with each other.

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