Nokia hit by video leak of new business handsets

Nokia hit by video leak of new business handsets

A video showcasing Nokia’s next two flagship business phones has been leaked, revealing Nokia’s plans to respond quickly against the increasing threat from RIM.

A YouTube video that revealed the two new devices, the E72 and E75, was removed hours after it appeared on the website. The E72 is a full QWERTY keyboard successor to the recent E71 release, while the E75 offers both a traditional keypad and QWERTY keyboard.

The devices won’t be available before Christmas as the E71 only came out in June. However Nokia will be keen to get its new business devices onto the market, as Blackberry’s market share continues to grow with hoards of non-enterprise customers buying business orientated devices.

Nokia did not deny that the handsets are genuine in a statement. A Nokia spokeswoman said: ‘We are aware of two Nokia product videos that have appeared in the Internet. We have made no announcement on such products and therefore cannot comment on any market or Internet rumours.’

The Blackberry Pearl range has been a revelation in growing RIM’s consumer market share; according to recent figures almost half of all Blackberry consumers are now non-enterprise, which owes largely to the Pearl’s success in the business-consumer hybrid area.

Mobile revealed in July this year that Nokia cut had its ties with RIM when the E71 and E66 phones became the first Eseries devices not to house the popular BlackBerry Connect application. This was widely regarded as a sign that Nokia had begun to see RIM as a serious threat

Nokia MD Simon Ainslie told Mobile at the time: ‘Our approach is to make email a mass-market proposition for everybody, not just for the corporate boardroom group of individuals where BlackBerry has established itself.’

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